Wednesday, November 25, 2009

when anger.....

when anger speaks loudly
temper it by speaking softly but clearly
when anger strikes out recklessly
calm it with soothing gestures & words
when anger threatens what's dear
show it again of the worth it holds
when anger acts rashly & impulsively
remind it that only with a cool head will anything flourish
for when anger takes over nothing worth doing gets done
yet if one allows a cooler head 2 prevail any thing is possible

Friday, November 6, 2009


been a minute 4 this winged traveler 2 allow his wings a rest. found a being 2 travel by his side, but will it b 4 eternity? fathered a seed with potential unlimited, heart heavy with knowledge of possible hardships. yet defiantly growls & flex's onyx wings impatiently challenging any who dare, sending out the call 2 rally the pack. wit a wolfish grin launching back 2 the air, wings once broken spreading proudly again

tempting dilemma

blindly searching hoping for light to come
darkness veil lifts teasingly as it flutters to mock
temptation whisper so seductively into pleading ears
back bent from mind blown pleasurable assualt
roaring out in frustration & confusing
to stubborn to fall and succumb
yet to weak to turn away and ignore
wondering how to proceed
when such a tempting dilemma lays Xposed
waiting and wanting