Tuesday, July 14, 2009

tell me.....

so how do u want it
how will you take it
leaving it in your hands
pleasure is gonna be a giving
you can choose how to accept it
so tell me do you want it slow
or give it to you fast nonstop
do you want slow long strokes
or quick deep hard thrust
tell me baby how do you want me
want me to explore & tease you
or get straight down to the business
do you wanna start out on top
or you want me to take you from behind
tell me want fantasies you have
i wanna know what dark passions you dream of
tell me......

my darkness....

can u feel it? do u even understand what i'am?
my demon has awaken bringing along its hunger
this darkest passion is consuming me slowly
temptation & seduction waring for release
this pain i feel is soul deep
to not turn away & walk back into the abyss
wishing this love was a true reality
my passions seem to be the stronger
a slave to this pen & my darkest desires
this other side i tried to hide
is it to late to sedate it with pure passion?
to temper its hunger & control it?
or this time will i let it full consume me until its sated?
this demon has awaken & is releasing my darkness