Wednesday, August 4, 2010


*side note: wrote this for @imani_sublime "Poetry in Pink", follower her on twitter n check out her site shes dope. This was what came of the untitled*

daily we see it
we praise so many for it
always so quick to acknowledge it
but what exactly is it?
physically you can tell
by who's the biggest
or even quickest on the field
in a game or in a sport
but is that truly it?
yet is that really it?
is that the only measure?
could there not be another form...
or is that just the norm?
no that can't be it
not saying its not true
but there's gotta be more
isn't courage a form of...
well how about the will to go on...
even when all hope seems lost
yet a person carries on
and proves all of the odds wrong
they gather their courage
when most seem discouraged
and push on through the pain
willing to endure anything
to see their loved one(s) smile
isn't that....
when one is down, broke, or sick
and it seems so easy to quit
yet they rally against
what seems like pure hopelessness
to obtain their dreams
would not that be