Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This block has been hard to crack
Writing with a troubled pen
Navigating through life's detours
Mind soar from worries
Fingers ache to dance with pen
Words fall woefully short
Inspiration stays eluding this grasp
What am I to do sitting in limbo?
Wasting away time while being idle
Life seems to forgotten this poet
Or is it this poet has forgotten life?

Friday, July 15, 2011


A muse lays by the shore
Of ones mind
Almost forgotten
Like a distant memory
Battered by the waves
She lays waiting
To be noticed once more
By the poet
Lost at sea it seems
A poet navigates
Through storms
Looking for a lost love
Unknowingly passing her
On forlorn shore
A muse waits
To once again embrace
A poets heart

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back again...final time

Damn it
Again it seems a poet lapsed
To caught up in the everyday
Worries and pains
Distractions and woes
Joys also
Can not lie its been fun at times
Yet neglect sets in
Few words have flowed
Oh one or two have known them
Though here and there
Neglect is shown
But this time
It will be permanently corrected
No more desertions of love
Giving it my all
And hunting down old friends
Other sites where words lay
To do the same
So again and finally
I'm back again.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


They seem so far away
Yet rest right on the horizon
Though haze the corporal form can be seen
When one stops pushing they fade
Recede like the tide when low
Become distant like stars
Never let anyone tell you they can't be real
Don't ever give in when an attempt fails
Learn from set back and change method of attainment
Only a blink away
Yet can take years to see
Patience and determination are two main keys
Anything is possible when you set your heart, mind and soul to it

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lost love.....25/30

Seems like another life
These dreams of better times
Images of you plague these thoughts
So caught in phantom kisses and caresses
Aching for a touch
No longer familiar
Estranged from a love that seemed heaven sent
Regrets bent on crushing what's left
Tired of holding a breath
Thinking of all the should's
Wondering if you still feel anything

Friday, April 22, 2011

Days like.....

Dreaming of days like this
No worries no stress on days like this
Even when the rain falls the sunshines
On days like this
Yesterdays play no part
And tomorrows are to far way
To matter on days like this
When my son laughs
The day seems brighter on days like this
These kind of days seem far and few between
But on days like this
That all seems like a distant dream

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Journey continues: 20/30

Going on 26
Another step taking
10 steps back
Seems like the further one goes
The harder they fall

Monday, April 18, 2011

Stand or go: 18/30

So what's it suppose to be
Honestly what's good between us
Either your staying or leaving
Rather have you stay and work it out
But if you need to leave there's the door
Not gonna chase you
They lied to you about that
I'm fighting here and now
We can debate and be civilized
Or yell and lose our minds
Regardless I'm going all in here and now
If your giving your all
Gonna go until I fall
Yet understand this me
Accept it or let it go
The change will come
I've accepted you from day one
What I knew of you
And everything new I find out
I take in stride
No poker face here
All cards on the table
Deck damn near gone
Are we gonna hold on
Grow strong together
Weather the storm till it gets better
Gotta know are you willing to ride it out
Or just say later
Actually would it finally be our first and last goodbye?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prides fall:

Long days followed by cold nights
Haunted by phantom memories
Scarred by love lost
Passion turned bitter
Flame burnt out
If could go back would do better
Cherish u like the rarest treasure
Pain turned to joy
Tears become laughs
Anger into pleasure
Pride kept tongue hostage with shame
Should of chased u down an kissed u
Stead now missing u
Thinking what if
Joy surely missed
All could of been changed with a hug
Followed by words filled with love
Nights empty of joy
Days seem dim
Life on pause
Why wouldn't pride stand down

Friday, April 15, 2011

Unspoken:(working on it)15/30

So connected for so long
Picking up where the other leaves off
No such thing as an awkward pause
Yet nothing official
Unspoken agreement

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Universe embodied; Woman

A star given form
Her presence so eloquent
Such a radiant confidence
With an intellect so seducing
Knowledge she pours intoxicating
A supple frame
Her grace seeming effortless
Deep and firm strength like tree roots
Only a keen eye would notice the strain
Yet maintained with a cool grace
Fragrance like summer rain
Her stride filled with pride
Straight and true
Pay attention

Saturday, April 9, 2011


What do you do
When the love goes cold
And the weather gets warm
Do you wait for the storm
Or admit the lost
Are you going separate ways
Take a second to think
Should you buckle down
Holding on till it brakes
Rekindle the passion from ashes
Or shake your head
Knock open the door
And go separate ways
What would you do

Thursday, April 7, 2011

America dreaming:

Lies told openly
While truth sought in secret
Pleading for a change
Yet scared to take a step
Demanding equality for all still
Yet unwilling to changes eras of tradition
Thought America meant freedom
But its only free for privileged
People are livid
Still they living timid
News shows rebellions
You can hear us cheering
Though when they look at us
And ask "when will you stand?"
We look around like "you talking to me?"
A King marched for a dream
An the old cry silently
For the nightmare its become
So much ground gained
Yet so many steps lost
Everyone part of a revolution
Never see any solutions
Few stand up types left
The best fade into the past
And the present wanna return
Can't see the future Rays
All so blurry
Lady Justice gives it to the highest bidder
While Lady Liberty turned her back an left
What happen to the land of the free
Where's the home of the brave
When will you get tired of the smoke an mirrors

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Call of Eternity:

Eternity been's calling
Yet this heart beats stalling
Suppose to be effortless
But these fingers seem frozen
To write these words
Describing deepest of feelings
Eternity beckons softly
Promising greatness among legends
Though one hesitates
When asked about reasons
How does one explain
The indescribable muse
Who plays with a poets thoughts
Eternity is knocking
Yet till earthly goals are met
It'll have to wait

Sunday, April 3, 2011


What is more pure
Than a child's joy
Nothing soothes the soul
Like a child's laugh
Filled with such wonder
And love for the world
Purest form of innocence
Unblemished by an indifferent world
Those luckily enough
To have a mothers and fathers love
Carefree in their discoveries
So curious about how it all works
Smiles so bright
It warms the soul
Purest form of innocence
Mimicking their surroundings
The way they reason so astounding
For pure way they see it all
When they learn right from wrong
Twinkle in their eyes
Tickle the heart
When they're caught acting up
Have the grace to look ashamed
Yet so quick to turn a frown upside down
Can't help but laugh
At the antics they try to pull
Nothing so pure
As a child's love
Accept for their innocence

Saturday, April 2, 2011

No One......

No one notices the edge
The brake along the horizon
Hiding untold wonders
Or deepest of fears
No one notices the edge
When they're running all out
Trying to leave the past
Or flying on high
Away from the cares of life
No one notices the edge
When caught up in their own stories
Own hurts and joys
Wondering through the woods
No one notices the edge
Or the man who's fallen
Plunging to the depths below

Monday, March 28, 2011

Unexpectedly expected

How are you mad

You had such high expectations

Unrealistic visions you envisioned

Yet you failed to tell the tale

Shocked by the unexpected responses

Constantly perturbed by reactions

Yet you failed to tell the tale

How can you be mad

When you never inquired

Never uttered a single mention

Of these so called high hopes

You expected so much

Yet it all was just smoke on the wind

Never confided in

So your dreams were deferred

Desires want unheard

You expected

But you forgot to send the memo of your expectations

Thursday, January 27, 2011

text message.....

Know its not said all the time/even seems like lost the shine/but I Love you/had our shares of ups and downs/an even a few turn around's/but when the dust clear/an the rain fades away/your still right there next to me/I Love you/words @ times escape this grasp/one that claims a poets class/yet the words easiest to say/yet mean so much when they're true/I Love You

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brain scatter....

Thoughts all over
Talk about a roller coaster
Chaos raging yet holding to the illusion
Peace is a distant dream
Brain scatter
Down to the last cents
Right now there is no sense
Total over load
Feels like it's all slipping away like sand
Brain scatter
Sensual pleasure no longer exist
Visuals just seem faded
Nightmares while awake
Just getting started but it already seems to late
Brian scatter
Behind the 8Ball again
Doesn't matter how many times won
Always seems like the loss is to great
Looking up like whats next
Brian scatter