Thursday, December 16, 2010

Observation on time

One can never truly measure time
It varies from day to day
The tree may seem long lived
Yet the rock one day is a mountain
Even among man
If stress rules a man of youth can look wizened
Yet a mature man who's lived carefree appears youthful
A true measure of time, it could be said, is experience
Two people of the same age will differ
One could never leave home yet age rapidly
The other could travel the world and seem younger for it
Time is fickle yet undeniably profound
It touches every thing yet nothing
One can never truly measure time

Never Knew

Never knew
How could this be
Never knew
How can this be
Never knew
How is this possible
Never knew
How could this be love
Never knew
How is this
Never knew
Love could be this deep
Never knew
Love can be this raw
Never knew
Love like this was even possible
A love that cant be truly defined
A love that could stretch across time and space
A love that is limitless


These dreams stay haunting
Like vengeful demons stalking
Mind balks at the thought of rest
So stressed wondering if I'm still blessed
Body aching from the lack of mental peace
Not to hard to figure out the cause
But wondering what's the cost
To finally find that state of peace
Gone so far yet still so lost
Doesn't look like I'm gonna win this race
Can hear them just beyond the veil
Seeing them just on the visions edge
Little corner of hell
Images of how they muse of inflicting damage
Head bowed and hands clasped
Praying fervently for soul touching deliverance
Or at least a swift........