Thursday, December 16, 2010

Observation on time

One can never truly measure time
It varies from day to day
The tree may seem long lived
Yet the rock one day is a mountain
Even among man
If stress rules a man of youth can look wizened
Yet a mature man who's lived carefree appears youthful
A true measure of time, it could be said, is experience
Two people of the same age will differ
One could never leave home yet age rapidly
The other could travel the world and seem younger for it
Time is fickle yet undeniably profound
It touches every thing yet nothing
One can never truly measure time

Never Knew

Never knew
How could this be
Never knew
How can this be
Never knew
How is this possible
Never knew
How could this be love
Never knew
How is this
Never knew
Love could be this deep
Never knew
Love can be this raw
Never knew
Love like this was even possible
A love that cant be truly defined
A love that could stretch across time and space
A love that is limitless


These dreams stay haunting
Like vengeful demons stalking
Mind balks at the thought of rest
So stressed wondering if I'm still blessed
Body aching from the lack of mental peace
Not to hard to figure out the cause
But wondering what's the cost
To finally find that state of peace
Gone so far yet still so lost
Doesn't look like I'm gonna win this race
Can hear them just beyond the veil
Seeing them just on the visions edge
Little corner of hell
Images of how they muse of inflicting damage
Head bowed and hands clasped
Praying fervently for soul touching deliverance
Or at least a swift........

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fallen Wings.........

Found a set of wings
Heard the sounds of angels crying
Feathers dancing on the wind
Found a set of wings
Seen a silhouette of angels flying
A mournful symphony proceeding
Found a set of fallen wings
Saw her standing proudly
Yet tears streaked her face
Smile bitter sweet
As she kicked away her fallen wings....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


*side note: wrote this for @imani_sublime "Poetry in Pink", follower her on twitter n check out her site shes dope. This was what came of the untitled*

daily we see it
we praise so many for it
always so quick to acknowledge it
but what exactly is it?
physically you can tell
by who's the biggest
or even quickest on the field
in a game or in a sport
but is that truly it?
yet is that really it?
is that the only measure?
could there not be another form...
or is that just the norm?
no that can't be it
not saying its not true
but there's gotta be more
isn't courage a form of...
well how about the will to go on...
even when all hope seems lost
yet a person carries on
and proves all of the odds wrong
they gather their courage
when most seem discouraged
and push on through the pain
willing to endure anything
to see their loved one(s) smile
isn't that....
when one is down, broke, or sick
and it seems so easy to quit
yet they rally against
what seems like pure hopelessness
to obtain their dreams
would not that be

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


never understood what strength was....
well da strength of arms every man learns.....
but true strength...that's another story.....

Sunday, April 18, 2010


take a second
then a minute
then a hour
then a day
then a week
then a month
now its a year
whats changed?
can you see it?
or is it still unclear?
take a second
then a minute
then a hour
then a day
then a week
then a month
now anotha year
is it still the same?
has any ground been gained?
or anotha set back?
take a second
then a minute
then a hour
then a day
then a week
then a month
will this be the year?
are all these fears conquered?
seems like being sponsered by mediocrocy
take a second
then a minute
then a hour
then a day
then a week
then a month
fuck this year wit no lube
going in till a win is posted n da sky
no mo fears or cares
anything not improving is getting murked
take a second
then a hour
then a day
then a week
then a month
next year will be the accumulation of greatness

Thursday, March 11, 2010

self imposed......

Feeling like I'm ready 2 hit the button/self destruction nibbling on my ear lobe/everything going so well/so y do I feel like I'm trapped n hell/searchin 4 n answer/every action replicates cancer/cure seem so simple yet so faring to the thought

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

reflections and dreams of a father

these corridors have gotten so dusty
seems like an eternity since last visited these halls
youth is such a funny thing
reflecting on how it seemed like i could do anything
and yet i felt crushed by the weight of the world
well coming up on a quarter century of life
and yup still feel like i can do anything
starting to dust off some of those fantasies
i do carry the weight of a world
my sons future weighs heavy on me
the steps i take carry so much more weight
yet i refuse to let caution hold me back
i will strive for the stars themselves
wanna show him how to fly
literally cause i do wanna learn how to pilot a plane
so many dreams and goals they're almost as infinite as the stars

Friday, January 15, 2010

turn of it

turn of the decade
new year wit few new cares n fears
yet same ol story moving 2 a new chapter
prayin n plotting 2 avoid disaster
while at da same time mastering my fate
looking 4 a calmer head where yung one concerned
praying this light animosity burns out
not 4 our sakes but 4 his
4 myself just looking 4 prosperity
rather go broke then depend on anotha's charity
not being spiteful just being honest
tired of being 4gotten
so going hard till i get it
regardless of what i gotta go through
planning on raising me an mines status
get wit it or get ghost
2010 n i'm n it 2 win it