Monday, April 2, 2012

Hanging Edge....30/30-2

Shadows cling
Obscuring the jagged edge
The figure hanging
By strained fingers
Desperately trying to rise
Back above it
Hell's depths teasingly call
Seductively whispering
How easy it would be
Let go of it all
The pain, the hurt, the dreams
Give in to oblivion
Sweat dripping from scarred brow
Defiantly he growls
Tighter his grip becomes
On the edge and reality once more

Sunday, April 1, 2012


The dam finally breaks
Ink dripping with thunderous force
Bombarding the page
As if by a crazed beast
Every line is savaged
In the poets fevered haste
Words are forgotten or misplaced
Sentences run on or abruptly stop
Thoughts seems disconnected in the over all scheme
Yet its all just the result of much needed release
Unuttered words finally find a voice
A way to escape dark thoughts and imaginings
In midnight ink they sing out across blue veins
Along eggshell pages
Peace finally finds the poet as the pen runs dry
Calm settles in as sweat kisses the page one last time
Eons seemed to have passed
Since last time this poet touched a page

Monday, January 2, 2012

For being wrong

This is to the nay sayers
The ill wishers
Those that hope for your down fall
A one fingred salute followed by success
To those that only wished for your failure
The ones that hate to see you happy
Smile in your face as they scheme on ways to make you lose
If I knew then what I know now
I'd do it just a little bigger and a bit better
But I'm happy to say you never told me so
Thank you for betting against me
With out your ill will I'd never have the drive
And you know what I still wish em the best
I'm a mess
Cause I'd keep em at arms length
So they could know success vicariously through me
Call it flaunting if you must
But I earned every bit of it