Thursday, January 27, 2011

text message.....

Know its not said all the time/even seems like lost the shine/but I Love you/had our shares of ups and downs/an even a few turn around's/but when the dust clear/an the rain fades away/your still right there next to me/I Love you/words @ times escape this grasp/one that claims a poets class/yet the words easiest to say/yet mean so much when they're true/I Love You

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brain scatter....

Thoughts all over
Talk about a roller coaster
Chaos raging yet holding to the illusion
Peace is a distant dream
Brain scatter
Down to the last cents
Right now there is no sense
Total over load
Feels like it's all slipping away like sand
Brain scatter
Sensual pleasure no longer exist
Visuals just seem faded
Nightmares while awake
Just getting started but it already seems to late
Brian scatter
Behind the 8Ball again
Doesn't matter how many times won
Always seems like the loss is to great
Looking up like whats next
Brian scatter